Welcome To Your Exclusive Private Luxury  Retreat

Time stops when you venture into the extraordinary land of Gilberton Outback Retreat. Experience the unexpected
and encounter a unique and genuine Australian outback experience that will stay with you forever.




The Experience

The Bush Awaits

There is plenty to see and do at Gilberton if your heart so desires. Enjoy abundant wildlife on a leisurely walk or a guided tour, or even sit back and watch the wildlife from your room. Bird lovers will have plenty of twitching opportunities! Part of Gilberton is a Nature Refuge which is recognised by the Queensland Government as being an area of high conservation significance. The family focus has always been on environmental sustainability, with looking after the land an absolute priority.


A rustic but luxurious take on the iconic tin shed

During your stay, you will have uninterrupted views of the Gilbert River from your private hut and will sleep in the comfort.

The hut has a fully self contained kitchen, with a large range of food and ingredients at your disposal. There are no phones, TV or internet available allowing you to truly escape and relax.

4WD Safari

Experience a working cattle station