Gilberton is home to some of Australia’s most pristine and well preserved Aboriginal Art.  The site has been protected by the Family at Gilberton for over 140 years.  In recent years they felt the site was so precious that it is something that everyone needs to see to understand.  The unique petroglyphs and hand hewn sandstone alcoves, combined with the contrasted anemographs and overspray stencils, creates a platform of a multidimensional community of occupational sites.  The layers of information hidden within the stratigraphy of the landscape will reveal a long and unique history of Aboriginal occupation on Gilberton.  We will continue to do everything we can to keep this site protected.

Highlights: seeing the art paintings, carving, birthing cave & natural springs

** The Aboriginal art tour involves walking up a steep hill. It is approximately 17 minutes to the aboriginal art site.

Tour FAQ’s

*How long are the tours? Approximately 3-4 hours.  Generally these are morning tours so that guests have the afternoons to themselves.

*Can we do all 3 tours in 1 day? No.  Two tours maximum, which allows time to relax and enjoy the tranquillity.