About Us & History

The world waits !! Time stops

When you step into the promise land on Gilberton Station where Gilberton Outback Retreat lies. You will return home with yarns and stories that will leave your family and friends longing to hear more. Experience the unexpected and encounter an experience that will stay with you for ever.

Gilberton is classified as a vast remote and arid part of northern Australia (The real Outback) Get to meet the Fairdickum Dinky due bushman.

Gilberton lay’s in a very unique isolated part of Australia with rugged landscape to rocky gorges and open savannah forest country. Experience the pastoral history trail of the families 149 years on Gilberton. Having 4 generations still on the land working together is truly amazing adventure.

You get to experience the true meaning of outback while having the comfort of extraordinary luxurious hut with all the comforts you wouldn’t expect to have, being pampered and having everything done at your request, to chill out, away from work environment where no phone, emails, or nagging staff are hassling you.

Gilberton retreat setting is magnificently overlooking the Gilbert River with panoramic views of the station. If you’re lucky enough to be there while Gilbert River is flowing /in flood it is a picture perfect place to be. A truly unique experiences something you will never get to see anywhere else in Australia.

Why? most tourist operators close for wet season. Gilberton is offering the opportunity of a life time to experience the Gilbert River in flood . Take the journey into the lives of people on the land who experience the drought floods and fires. Watch as the land responds during the wets season as the land/grass/ water holes are re plenished as the wet season comes.

The family’s history pattern has focused on environmental sustainability looking after the land before themselves.

While there is much conserversy about this issue, who really were the tribal people from Gilberton, The Jana people also known as Yanga they lived in the hills at Gilberton and became great friends of the Martell family. Mounted police came through in the late 1880’2 taking away all the blacks as reported in police records, but did them!!!!!!! no they didn’t the Martell family hide their faithful friends Freddie and Dora who were Jana people. Freddie and Dora taught the family everything they could in native way, cultural ,totems, water, looking after land and they took the family name becoming Freddie Gilbert Martell & Dora Gilbert. The police knew the family had them hidden but couldn’t find them, Freddie and Dora Died at Gilberton .

Experience the abundant wildlife as you walk or run, the views are amazing as landscapes vary from tree enclosed creeks to rocky escapements with rocky hills overlooking Gilberton. Take a relaxing dip in a Gilbert River (if the wet season has been kind to us and run the river)
Gilberton Station is a working cattle station and you will be invited to watch in mustering season. You get see kangaroos, dingoes, brolgas, cockatoos and wildlife. Live the land, listen to the people who run the land, and learn the way of the outback. If you are looking to experience the unique experience Gilberton Outback Retreat has it all there to share with you.
Bird Lovers will have plenty to watch and explore on their walks or tours as you move around the land on Gilberton.

Exclusive wilderness experience with people who live and love the land.
Go on tours or simply sit back relax and watch the time go by while all your needed have been taken care of.

So what ya waiting for come on get out and enjoy what the real Outback has to offer you.