Gilberton Outback Retreat 450km from Townsville by road, in hardened cattle country, has added the unique landing pad after owner Lyn French gain her helicopter license.

“Over the years we’ve had plenty of guests fly out. It’s been a lifelong dream to get a helicopter license and seeing our guests fly in pushed me to do it. We already had a grass helipad but I wanted something different. I told Rob it has to be special, unique , a one of a kind and the idea of a pink heart popped into my mind. He just bowed his head and said oh no, “trust you”.

After a few weeks of planning and repeat visits to the paint shop which took 6 hrs return trip each time, the pad is now operational.

Gilberton Outback Retreat is a 5 star award winning outback Australian destination established in 2014. The solitude and peacefulness as well as the history of Gilberton Station draw people from around the world including royalty, business and community leaders and everyday folk looking for a unique Australian outback experience. The Retreat helps the property diversify its income of 3500 head cattle with tourism especially helping during drought times.

We take pride in providing people with an authentic Australian experience, the outback, the history of our lands and the wonderment of nature.

According to Lyn and station hand Winnie, “we’ve joked how funny it would be to see Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie fly out in Barbie’s helicopter and land on the pad. Of course Pink is more than welcome in March when she comes to Townsville to fly out, flying time is just 2 hrs compared to 6 hrs on dirt roads.

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